A key way that data can help natural spaces to flourish is by adding a layer of insight, and to this end part of our role with the Green Minds project is to do with mapping networks of organisations, resources, spaces and projects in different ways.

At Green Minds, we’re helping to facilitate a 'Growing with Nature Network’. This was started in December 2020 following an online workshop which highlighted the need for people to connect & support each other in taking action, as well as getting ecological expertise & guidance.

Visit the network map here:

In order to get the Growing with Nature network Map ready, we now need to hear from you! If you’re part of a group taking action or volunteering to help the environment & wildlife, complete this quick survey. Note that inputs are moderated by a human before they will appear on the live map.

Concept mapping

Maps are often associated with geography, of course, but we also like them when they have a role in helping us understand how concepts, organisations, places, and people can work together.

As part of this project we have supported other partners in different mapping initiatives to see what might work best. You can view an example concept map here on the 'Arrows' app.

If you add projects, places, organisations or projects that you know about to the map above, we'll add them to the concept map too.


Since the core purpose of the Green Minds project was to engage different groups of people in nature, we were interested in ways to use popular existing platforms and games - particularly for younger people. This resulted in us building a replica of Poole Farm using the popular Minecraft game, and involving people at two separate events in helping add detail.

As part of Green Minds, we have also created a mod pack specifically for the project and will be making these resources available for everyone to download.